Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brock's baby sis...

Many of you know my good friend Brock Hansen.  He was the Student Body President the year that I was the Secretary, so I know him and his cute family pretty well.  I haven't talked to them for a few years, but my niece, Clare, was often babysat by Brock's little sister, Gentrie.  My brother-in-law sent me an article today... and it's about lil' Gentrie.  Gentrie has Gastroparesis.  The best medical guess is that a virus attacked the nerves in her stomach causing it to no longer function.  Anything she eats, she vomits.  She vomits if she doesn't eat.  She hasn't had anything to eat since January.  That's a long time.  She gets all that her body needs through a PIC line.  When I think of Gentrie, I think of a crazy, hyper, goofy little six year-old.  It broke my heart to read her story and to see pictures of her.   She is thin and very discouraged.  She does have hope though with an experimental surgery.  This surgery has been deemed as 'experimental' by her health insurance because Gentrie is under 18.  Anyone that knows anything about medical insurance knows that 'experimental' means NOT COVERED.  So, her family has got to come up with some money in order to get Gentrie to Ohio for this 'experimental' surgery which has been successful in many many cases.  The Hansen's have set up a page for donations and event updates http://fight4gen.com   Love you all!  Please think of Gentrie.  

Article for Deseret News

Gentrie's Blog


Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh!!! I could not even imagine!!! Poor thing! I hope that the 'experimental surgery' goes well!

Little Remi is a doll! She totally looks JUST like you and your sister! So stinkin cute!

Michelle, Shelly, Sheller, Geller, Shelly G said...

I am a friend of Adam's from high school. I have not been able to stop thinking of the Bradley family after hearing of Bunny. My heart aches for all of you who loved her and now miss her. Best wishes to you all.

whit said...

Hey Ang..Jas and I are trying to get a hold of you guys email me your phone number whitdespain@gmail.com We are thinking of you guys.