Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEVER tease a pregnant woman!

So, now that I'm six 1/2 months pregnant, I'm to the point, where I'm done.  I feel fat, I look fat, I just wanna be loved.  My dear sweet husband, who never had couthfulness as his strong point, has had to be reminded a few times that teasing me at this point, especially when I'm complaining to him about my weight, is not the best thing to do.  One of the super nice perks of our new modular on the prairie is that we have the BIGGEST jetted tub in our master bath with a double vanity.  Now, the jetted tub, tucked nicely into a corner, is surrounded on all three walls with rather large mirrors.  These mirrors, I think, make me look a lot bigger.  The mirrors above the double vanity make me look a lot better.  As Adam was getting ready for a bath the other night, I told him my theory about the mirrors.  He then proceeded to look at my reflection in the mirrors surrounding the bathtub (the ones I thought made me look a lot bigger), and then back at me.  Teasing, (and I really do mean he was totally kidding), but he says "No, I think they're pretty accurate."  I laugh for a second and immediately following I start to cry.  Sobbing actually.  Damn hormones!  Adam wondered what the heck was wrong with me as I was just crying one second before.  All I could say was "NEVER tease a pregnant woman".  Anyway, looking back now, it's hysterical and I really admire Adam for his consistency in always having something witty to say at just the right moment to make us laugh.  The poor guy has to put up with a raging hormonal woman.  
Anyway, on a HAPPIER note, I am six 1/2 months prego.  My how time flies!  The sun is shining every other day when it isn't snowing and I haven't seen any signs of tornadoes, so life is great.  (Have I mentioned before how deathly afraid of tornadoes I am?  I never wanted to live anywhere flat and that John Denver really did lie because it doesn't get much flatter than where we are.)  Life is coming together here at the modular.  Cass started karate which he is loving.  I'll have to post a picture of him in his adorable karate suit, but I have to learn how to tie his belt first.  Remi is learning to be a little fire-cracker.  She's got attitude for days, but really she loves to hang out with me and I'm glad she's my little friend.  Adam is still loving his job and is learning more and more everyday.  We know this is just a step on his ladder to the top, so he's doing the most to take advantage of this opportunity to be here.  I've really learned to enjoy being in Colorado.  I'm within two hours of my Grandma which has been such a fun blessing.  Living in a modular really isn't as trashy as I probably once thought.  It's small, but that means much less to clean and I found a stash of 'camel cash' under the before mentioned tub that I can't wait to spend on some classy joe camel apparel.  Who couldn't be happy with these two munchkins to wake me up every morning?