Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Fabulous Frame's come to visit!!

We were so lucky to get the Frame Fam to come down and visit for the weekend. Ko and Cass got to play together, Adam and Dustin got to shoot at innocent prairie dogs and rabbits, and Rachellie bell and I got to catch up (I admit I shot at a few prairie dogs too, but we couldn't convince Rachelle that they were bad guys!) and take a horse ride together. We even got Mr. Frame on a horse and he didn't blow up! It truly was a wonderful weekend and MUCH needed for me.
The highlight of the weekend was watching Adam and Dustin trying to get the annoying donkey into the corral. It is true what they say about donkeys being super stubborn. This little guy wouldn't budge.
Adam and Dustin pulling Mr. Donkey

Adam riding Mr. Donkey, while Dustin pulls.

OK, get the horse to pull the donkey in.

Still pulling....

You push, I'll pull this (explicit, explicit, explicit).

After all that, Mr. Donkey walked right in on his own.

Anyway, it was so wonderful to have visitors and hope they come back soon!!