Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Ok, so it's not because I'm a slacker that I haven't updated for so long. We've had quite a lot happen in the last month.... Let me explain; it's a long story so bear with me.

Cassidy got sick the day after Halloween with what we thought and the doctor's thought was a stomach flu. A few days later, he still wasn't getting better and wasn't eating much and so I called the doctor again and they said, "Give it a few more days." So, I waited a few more days, in the meantime starting my blog page, and then a week had past with Cass not eating, puking, sleeping 20 hours a day, etc. So, we took him to the E.R. They did x-rays, spinal taps, blood work, all kinds of tests, and after about 8 hours, they figured out that his kidneys were failing. We were ambulanced up to Primary Children's where Cass stayed for 11 days. He was diagnosed with sudden kidney failure and now is listed as a child with Cronic Kidney Disease. While in the hospital he had surgery to remove some flaps in his urethra and relieve some of the pressure on his ureters and kidneys. His kidney function is now at 50% which is awesome and a lot better than any of the doctors had expected for Cass. We are so blessed that he seems to be getting better everyday. He has a lot of medication to take, and Adam and I have to place a cathedar through his little pee-pee into his bladder three times a day which is not fun for us, let alone for a two year old. We figure that our attitude towards it makes it easier for all of us and if it's helping Cass, we'll do it as long as we have to. It's incredible how tough these little guys are. We don't have it nearly as bad as others, so we are truly truly blessed.
On a happier note, Cassidy is so excited for Christmas! He had a taste of present-opening early at my family Christmas party and now thinks he can unwrap every present. We went to Cabela's and they had a Santa and I thought Cass would be scared to death, but he just marched right up there with his reindeer boots (John Deer boots, he thinks all things with antlers and reindeer) and sat right on Santa's lap and told him about his reindeer boots. It was hysterical! As we were leaving he had to turn around about 4 times to tell Santa Claus bye. He's so freaking cute!!
We're going to be spending our first Christmas away from Salt Lake this year. I must say I have mixed feelings. I am so excited to wake up at our own house and not have to drive around all over God's green Earth going places, but I'm sure going to miss not having our families with us. If anyone wants to come on Christmas Day, they're more than welcome!
Anyway, that's the latest and greatest from our family.
Merry Christmas to everyone! We love you all!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Blogspot Beware!!

Wahoo! Thanks to Rachelle telling me she was getting a blogspot, I decided I'd better get one too. I can't believe how big these things are! We're way excited to keep in touch with everyone and see pictures and news and whatever else... I'll probably get addicted.