Friday, February 26, 2010

Re-Introducing Angi to the 21st Century!

That's right... guess who got the internet?  We did!  I can't help but notice that because I have not updated my blog for almost an entire year, I have lost many of my supporters.  While reviewing and catching up on friends' and families' blogs I can't help but be upset that so few still have us listed on their list of blogs that they read.  So, here I am... this is a new invitation to ALL of those old followers and NEW followers that really want to follow our cool blog.  Here is an update: 
1- Recently moved to Colorado... John Denver did lie about the mountains because we live in the flatest of flats.  
2- Having baby #3 July 2010!  So excited!  Just need to find a Dr. in Colorado now.  
3-  Adam riding and training horses full-time now at his new job and loving it
4- Cass has discovered what the word 'neighbor' means and enjoying every minute of having someone just 100 yards away to play with
5- Remi is turning into a little lady and quite the monster.  Really, she is into making messes whether on her own face or on the floor, she'll make 100 messes a day.
6-  I am trying not to get homesick and putting a house back together.  Anyone agree moving is the worst?  

So, I am back in the 21st century and I have every intention of really getting back into this blogging swing.  I just have to figure out how to download pictures on to a Mac wizard box.  Lots of love from the little house on the prairie (is that how you spell it?)