Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ode to Rachelle...

Old photos are so wonderful to come across, especially when they are of you and your bff. I hope my bff does not get mad when she sees all of these...
It all started in 7th grade gym class. Rachelle, with her flaming red hair, and I, with my infatuation with Blake Robinson, had 1st period gym class together. The picture above is Rachelle signing my yearbook on the last day of school.We remained friends into 8th grade, where Mrs. Titus hated us because we were always writing notes back and forth. Oops! This is our pretty stage of braces and pastel eyeshadow. Rachelle was lucky though because she got the clear braces that blended in with her teeth.
Into 9th grade and dance company... Rachelle got skinnier and skinnier, while I on the other hand was sneaking twinkies or something back stage. This is also the year where Rachelle's romance with Mr. Frame began. We still have braces.

On into high school and our friendship is still going strong... We split a lunch from McDonald's almost everyday (supersize the rootbeer please!), write notes back and forth in yet another math class together, drive around in Ralphie the red pick em' up truck, ditch class to drive by Ben Franklin Academy, and breaking curfew a time or two. We went in with braces, and came out with million dollar smiles!

There is a time period here where Rachelle and I do not see each other often enough. She went on her way to Dixie where I know she caused havok everywhere. I went to Douglas Street and the good ole' SLCC. There is about a 2 year period from 19ish-21ish that I'd like to forget ever happened, but on the brighter side of 22 we are still wonderful friends!

Now here we are, all growed up. It's weird to think that for roughly 10 years now, we've been friends. There's a quote out there that goes something like "A friend is someone you can sit with in total silence, and walk away feeling like you've had a complete conversation" and that's how I feel about my Rachellie bell. I hope we are at the same retirement home when we are 100 playing bingo and chatting about hemroids and our dentures. Wouldn't that be somethin?